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Gear Machine

  • Manual Gear Hobbing Machine

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    Manual Gear Hobbing Machine

    Manual Gear Hobbing Machine Product Features: The machine is suitable for large batch and single production of cylindrical spur and helical gears, worm gears and sprocket. 2. The machine is characterized by good rigidity, high strength, high working accuracy, and easy in...Read More

  • YB3120K High Speed Gear Hobbing Machine

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    YB3120K High Speed Gear Hobbing Machine

    Features: The machine features good rigidness and extremely small thermal deformation. The machine can work under the condition of heavy duty and high speed The cutting speed for a coated hob can be up to 120m/min The function of automatic hob shifting reduces tool ’ s wear...Read More

  • CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

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    CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

    CNC Gear Hobbing Machine Product Features: 1.Fanuc numerical control system and servo drive, system reliability, simple operation 2.High rigidity, high speed, strong cutting, high efficiency, high precision rolling 3.Can use the milling, inverse milling, axial cut or cut into...Read More

  • Gear Shapping Machine

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    Gear Shapping Machine

    Gear Shaping Machine Product Features: This is the cnc gear shaping machine. Technical SpecificationsRead More

  • Slotting Machine

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    Slotting Machine

    Slotting Machine Product Features: This machine is suitable for single-piece or small-batch production with cutting various plane, formed surface and key way etc. The main transmission mechanism is used for converting the rotating motion of the crank gear into reciprocating...Read More

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Tel: +86-24-28205745
Name: Mr. Wayne
Ph: +8613840387827