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CNC Lathe Manufacturers In The Installation Of Various Parts
Jun 05, 2018
Reasonable choice of CNC Lathe processing volume, and machine tools, tools, workpieces and technology and other factors have a great relationship, CNC Lathe manufacturers to tell you how to choose a reasonable amount of processing.
If the rough processing, you need to ensure a higher production efficiency, CNC Lathe manufacturers recommend the choice of a larger amount of kneading knife a, to ensure a larger feed, cutting speed U can choose low speed. And finishing, you need to ensure the size of the parts and surface accuracy, manufacturers recommend the choice of a small amount of back to eat knife ap, to ensure a smaller feed, cutting speed U can choose a higher speed.
In addition, the CNC Lathe roughing, the general should give full play to the potential of the machine and the cutting tool cutting capacity. If it is semi-finishing and finishing, should focus on how to ensure the quality of processing and improve production efficiency. When selecting the amount of cutting, make sure that the tool can complete a part or ensure that the durability of the tool is not less than one working class, at least half of the time of the work class.
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